The Difference between Thin and Thick tweets

Silver’s blog made me really think about my tweets and others people tweets. Unless someone is going on a rant you never really see a thick tweet only the regular I’m bored or who up with me tweets. I often wonder sometimes why do we even have twitter? Like what is really the purpose of having a twitter. Some people use it for business purposes or inspirational message while others, including myself, just have it just to use when your bored.

Silver assigns his student to do thick tweets about anything they want to. However the tweets must be 140 characters long and use different information. This is definitely a task for twitter because people normally do not post stuff that has different layers of information in it. Plus they have to put it all within 140 characters can be very hard at times because 140 characters is not a lot at all if you want to clearly explain something in one tweet.

This reading has me thinking that now I can really try to use my twitter as something informative. Although sometimes I will touch on a subject on twitter that is informative or want to relay a message, but most of the times I tweet song lyrics and dumb stuff about me being tired. Hhmm maybe I’ll start tweeting thick.


One thought on “The Difference between Thin and Thick tweets

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