Creating A World for All to See

Reading this I was not sure what to expect, the title definitely didn’t subdue any unease that I was feeling about reading this article. So I know a little about MUD and these like cyber worlds that are built for people’s entertainment. For one I think that these worlds are pretty cool and can get really intense on the level of people becoming like addicted. The closest I got to anything like this was Sims. I played Sims on the computer and different game systems, I even developed a favorite, Sims 2, mostly because of the awesome expansion packs. I was able to be the master of my own little world! I love playing the Sims because I can make some of my ultimate fantasies come true. Playing these games I do believe people enjoy it because of that reason, the ability to control another reality, a “virtual reality.”In this new reality you are the puppet master, creating your person how you want them to look, possible like you or your inner you. Your inner you may be what you wished you really looked like, or it can be how you wish other people would see you. The women Iegba who was an indeterminate gendered female, why would she pick this was of presenting herself to the world? There is a reason, everything we do it is because of the reason. Maybe she is bisexual and wishes to represent herself that way. Maybe she believes that there shouldn’t be any standards for any gender, everyone should be equal. Or even maybe she feels confused about her indenti8ty and in this world, she feels more comfortable to express this confusion.

Now these people have put themselves in this virtual world and being who they truly wish they could be, and this sadistic crazy pathetic excuse of a man comes in and disrupts this peace. All I could think while reading this piece was what a sick bastard! He is getting some kind of enjoyment out of this, whether its sexual or mental who knows. These acts that he was having these women do were APPALING and outright DIGUSTING! Who can get enjoyment from these types of sick twisted games? People who have some serious issues and need immediate HELP!

So ok yes these women were not physically touched, but they might as well have been. Have you gotten into an agreement over the internet? Has anyone say inappropriate things to you, in person or over the internet? Then I think you can relate to these women. This man stripped them of their dignity, and they had to think about a man somewhere is sitting there wishing he could really be doing that to them. How would you feel if you opened up your Facebook and a message was sitting there but you didn’t know who it was from and you couldn’t reply, and inside was the nastiest note you have ever read. He is in their calling you all types of ‘B’s” and “C’s” saying that he wants to stick a knife up your butt. Would you be scared? Would you want to report that message? Would you want something to be done about that? So imagine reading that and seeing it on your baby, your creation, I think that only intensifies what you are feeling.

Will this ‘New Direction” really be of any help? Should anything really be done since the women were not physically rapped? Is this something that we should just except is going to happen because we are in a world where no one is actually who they appear to be? Is this just part of the risk we take to join a “virual reality?”


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