As You May Think

Wow, Vennevar Bush’s article titled “As We May Think” was difficult to understand. It kind of fits the idea that the complexity of certain technologies these days are difficult to understand as well. The complexity of the machines we use on a daily basis is something that we don’t even think about. The easy, simple, fast technology that we use on a daily basis is based on years of perfecting research and experimenting to get it there. One example I think of is the computer and how much it’s shape, size, speed, and usage has drastically changed over the past 10-15 years.

This youtube video shows how much the size and shape of computers have changed over the years. The first computers surely looked like huge, complicated machines. When I viewed the video, I thought how difficult it must be to have tried to use that first computer. The video is below: 

We surely don’t think of the complexity of modern day machines, rather we concentrate on their convenience and the speed of which they can help us get what we need to get done completed. Regardless, the Vannevar states; technology has shaped the way many professionals get work done in their fields. Those in the research field have access to online sources, databases, and books that can help them further their research. These machines that we use every day in no matter what field help shape the way we view technology in the world. 


One thought on “As You May Think

  1. I agree that while our technology advances ou apathy seems to grow as well. We become so numb to these etraordinary devices that surround us. It relates to the idea of technology becoming an extension of us.

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