Web in Education

Using the internet for educational reasons is one of the most popular things that is going on now a days. When I was growing up the only time we used the computer was for writing or playing games. Now this generation, students are using the computer for more than typing and playing games. There are now a lot of books for students to read online and some websites also read to the students. 

For upper age children we use powerpoint presentations that can be animated in order for them to have a visual to conduct an assignment or to go along with a paper. Technology is very big now a days in class. Tools such as video, mobile tools and even just the world wide web is something that is used all the time. Since I am a college student I always use mobile tools everything is on my phone. My school emails, blackboard and any readings that I need are always on my phone. 

These tools are going to continue to grow in the classroom and be used for all age groups. Although I do like the way technology is being used in the classroom it sometimes gets over whelming because I am not as up as I once thought I was with technology. But I guess I will have to get over and stay up with the times because technology is taking over the world. 


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