Can You Show How You Feel?

So I had the chance to deal with an interactive website, (the concept of that is very COOL) and I have to say I really liked this one! I really think its ironic that the website is dealing with emotions since I am going through a lot of different emotions lately, but back to the website. So once I got to the website I saw that it dealt with emotions, and thought what the heck am I about to do with an interactive website and emotions? Well I was greatly surprised. It seemed as through the creators were able to cover all of their biases with the different “movements.” So there are six and I liked all of them, really like the concept of the third movement, “montage” but I think I just didn’t care for the pictures that popped up on my screen. So for this movement you took a picture that you believed represented a particular emotion and you wrote a sentence or two to go along with it.


SENTENCE: Remind people where your bloodline rises.



I did like all of the other ones but the powerfulness of an emotion expressed with a picture can reach more people I think then just saying the word. It now becomes something visible, so when Susan is feeling loved and she puts up a picture of her husband and her when she was pregnant, we can see the love in their eyes and the evidence of their love lies on her finger, in her stomach, and across their face. Just words can’t do that for everyone. This movement expresses that everyone sees things differently and now we can see exactly what they mean when they say the word love.

Now all of the movements were great but when you filled out your own emotions, gender, and weather you get to see who else is feeling the same way as you. WOW I AM NOT ALONE! I can imagine that is a very popular reaction to website.

So this website is connecting people that they don’t even know that they exist, but they are finding things that they have in common. So I filled out the information, feeling was loved, age was 20 to 29 (3days, 18 hours,48 mins,33 secs until 20th bday alil early I know!) and wow all of these people are feeling like me! There was a female in the United Kingdom and Alaska that was feeling loved. There was a picture of a diamond necklace and a heart drawn in the sand. Those people felt that warm fuzzy feeling inside of being loved and shared it with me.

So how are you feeling today? What picture would you have to show how you are feeling? How many people do you think are feeling the same way?


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