Are video games better than real life?

Watching the video Are video games better than real life? was eye opening because I did not realize so many people rely on video games to give themselves a sense of identity. Video games are their life and quite frankly their addiction. We all have our addictions, but when does addiction start to shape your reality?

Like the video states, virtual worlds allow you to take a break and step out of the real world and experience something entirely new. Imagine you are having a bad day and you can log in to your virtual world and concentrate on that while the stress you had throughout the day diminishes. Virtual worlds allow you to create characters with no specific rules of what they need to look like. In virtual worlds, you are able to call the shots. You are able to design a person and a world perhaps that you would like to live in. People that are unhappy in their owns lives now have the ability to create and be in the driver’s seat of their virtual life. 

Video games also present themselves to be an addiction to many individuals. Over the years, I have known some video game addicts. They spend their entire days staring at the TV and playing their games while tuning out everything around them. Video games are like escapes from reality. You also want to keep playing to advance to new levels which makes them addicting. Playing all these video games and living in a virtual world may cause you to lose sense of reality around you. 

Video games also can send the wrong messages to children and give them a false sense of reality. Games like Halo that require you to “kill” people in the game give children the wrong idea that these video games are real and that its acceptable to do that. Of course, there are many video games that can actually help children learn and be beneficial to them. But, with all that goes on in the world today; these violent games may cause children and video game players to react to real world situations like they do in the game.

I believe that video games can be beneficial and almost therapeutic to some people who want to escape their real lives for a little while. They can be fun and entertaining and give you a goal to work towards. On the other hand, video games can cause those who play to become addicted and lose sense of what reality truly is. While one day we all may be using virtual worlds and characters, in my opinion video games are not ruling the world of technology yet. But when you want to escape your real life, video games can help you do that. 


One thought on “Are video games better than real life?

  1. I completely agree that video games, or any time of game honestly, can be therapeutic. Giving your mind something to focus on, especially with the hope of winning holding you over until the end, you can forget about other worries or troubles. just as you said, an escape from reality. To be honest i find this outlet through actual games, like cards and board games. But that is just personal preference and can relate the feeling.

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