Facebook Experiment

I am writing this blog a bit earlier than I should be because I dropped out of the Facebook experiment early. The idea was the entire class go without a form of social media for a weeks time and record their feelings about it. Unfortunately, I cracked during the week we were supposed to stay off Facebook and couldn’t resist logging in. Then I asked myself why did I feel the need to log back in? Why couldn’t I hold out for a week? I use other social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter so why was it hard for me to give up Facebook?

My answers:

Rowan is my new home away from home. This is my first semester as a transfer student from another state university. Being away from home means being away from my friends and family that I love so much. For me, Facebook is a tool that allows me to connect to those I can’t see every day and help me through frequent bouts of homesickness. Looking at my friend’s statuses and being able to communicate with them allows me to feel as if I am still connected to those at home without physically being there. Sometimes, just looking through old photos I have with friends makes me feel closer to home. Of course, I still enjoy using Facebook to catch up or see what others are doing who I haven’t spoken to for awhile. 

I also rely on Facebook for my job. As a spokesmodel, I need to promote the brands I am selling and let my friends know of events that I will be at. Social media as a whole is vital for my job because promotion is all about networking. There isn’t an easier way to network than the internet. 

By not using Facebook for a couple of days, I felt very disconnected from my social life. Sure, I went on Instagram and Twitter but there is something about Facebook that just pulls you in. Not everyone uses or has Instagram or Twitter but almost everyone I know no matter what age has a Facebook. 

I agree with my professor when he said “It’s normal to not be able to complete this experiment.” Facebook is a tool that we all rely on for fulfillment in our social lives. Also there is the psychological aspect knowing that you can’t go on Facebook therefore you want to go on even more to see what you are missing. To close this blog, for those who stuck it out for a week; I give you props. For those like me that caved; we are official Facebook addicts.


3 thoughts on “Facebook Experiment

  1. Facebook for me too is a social link. I have a lot of family in the military, and sometimes it is my only way of communicating with them. I cracked due to the need to communicate an emergency with my Uncle in the Army. He is stationed in Australia and although he does have a cell phone, it is not a released number due to his high rank of an officer, Colonel. I don’t think we are Facebook addicts, our lives just revolve around something we have greatly adapted to- social media.

  2. Its so interesting how some jobs heavily rely on their employees to be avid Facebook users and others completely frown upon the idea. I agree this challenge is difficult, but maybe its not so bad for the week before finals! At least for me anyway. I like your explanation of practical use for Facebook though, I know I definitely relate.

    • I agree with you how it’s kind of confusing some jobs want you to use Facebook and other’s do not. My last job wouldn’t even allow us to say we worked there in our profile!

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