Birth of a Word

I really enjoyed watching Deb Roy’s video. When I first read the title of the video I thought it was going to be about the creation of words. Once I finally viewed it was very interesting. I really enjoyed how he talked about his son and how him saying “gaga” later on became water. I also enjoyed watching the home videos he showed of the interaction that went on in the house. He used a lot of equipment and technology to get all of this information down and capture these precious moments. Personally, I don’t see how he did it with all those camera’s in the house. To me it would be annoying because I could not sneak and do anything because I would be on camera.

Overall, I thought it was a decent video and I never thought about language in depth like that. But after viewing this it does have you thinking like how did I say what I wanted before I was able to properly speak. However, I never knew it took a bunch of data and research to figure this out.


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