No Facebook, No Problem.

I gave up Facebook on November 26.  It wasn’t right after class, because I decided to soak it up a bit before I left.  So I shared links, posted comments, and then I said so long to Facebook and all of its goodies.  I decided to take it a step further and said “hasta luego” to Instagram because, in my mind at least, the two have merged.  If I like a picture on Instagram then I have to go to Facebook and like it also, and vice a versa especially if the pictures are of my nieces.

Interestingly enough it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be; I used to think I was addicted to Facebook, but I somehow managed to pull through.  I didn’t turn into a crack addict needing their crack or anything like that but it was actually kind of nice to be disconnected for awhile.  I think I knew it was fine because evidently I would be able to log back in; however I did notice a feeling of disconnect from other people’s updates about their children.  When I logged back on I found out that one of my friend’s son had tubes placed in his ears and had his tonsils taken out and I had no idea and so going back and commenting on it days later makes it seem like I don’t care when I do.  That was the only thing that bothered me.

According to my professor, I cheated because Facebook sent me an email telling me what I was missing.  It wasn’t detailed to the point it gave me every single thing, but I guess it was enough to ‘corrupt’ my integrity.  Well that just burned my biscuits because I wasn’t even thinking of the email notifications set up on Facebook because I did them so long ago and it shouldn’t be my fault that Facebook decided to send me an email because I completely logged out of everything and they wanted to tease me back in.

In an article written by Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu in January of this year, he stated that women in their mid 30s to 40s experience Facebook envy after looking at postings or pictures that are related to happy families and physical attractiveness.  I found this to be particularly enlightening considering that I am 32 years old and well I’m not extremely jealous, I do feel a sense of longing when looking at their happy family pictures or baby pictures of their children.

The only reason I got a Facebook in the first place was because my cousin was only going to put her wedding pictures on there and I wanted to be able to see them.  I took one of those silly quizzes that tell you how “addicted” you are to Facebook and I was only at 58%.  More than half, I guess it that is bad enough.  But I’m glad to know that if my life depended on it, I could give up Facebook for awhile especially now that I know to navigate Twitter better.  So now I have a question for you, how addicted are you??

Are you a Facebook Addict?fb 58

Addicted to Facebook: Study shows users are lonelier


2 thoughts on “No Facebook, No Problem.

  1. I understand the disconnect you felt about finding out about your friend’s son’s surgeries. It seems like so much of our social life and therefore our social updates has been moved online that it’s difficult to keep up with friends when you’re not a part of that. I myself have often run into the opposite problem, however. If I attempt to tell one of my parents a story about something that happened to me, they’ll tell me they already know, because they read it on my Facebook. So clearly, some sort of balance needs to be struck here between digital and face-to-face sharing, but maybe we just haven’t found it yet.

  2. Well first of all, WOW to not only giving up Facebook for a week but Instagram as well?! You’re nuts! That’s definitely a double challenge that I don’t believe I could do because I am such an avid user of both of those media sites and at the same time, NEVER. I also felt disconnected to my family members that i’m close with over in Switzerland. I usually video chat through Facebook with my cousin that lives over there and I think he felt like I dropped off the face of earth. BUT we were able to reconnect using snapchat and via text. Also, my cousins in Moorestown during that week got thee cutest puppy ever. If I knew sooner I would have used one of my roommates cars to go play with Coco! When taking that silly quiz on your post, surprisingly I am only 44% addicted to Facebook? I thought I would have been in the 80’s…

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