Professional Twitterverse

I never thought that I would be graded based on using Twitter.  In fact, I was never a fan of Twitter until last year when I decided to cave in when my friends convinced me to get one and said I would become addicted. Almost a year later, I admit I have fallen in love with Twitter as it is a way to just blurt out what you are feeling at any given moment. It is also entertaining, humorous, and a cool way to connect with celebrities or people who you haven’t spoken to for awhile. For this class, we were to create a professional Twitter account or use one we already had. At first, I decided to use my personal Twitter for the assignment but I quickly changed my mind. My personal tweets about adventures in Atlantic City, boyfriend problems, song lyrics, frustrations in my life, among countless other things would get jumbled up in the tweets for the “live readings” and engaging in conversation with classmates. So I decided to enter the professional twitterverse and create another account that I could use to connect with professionals and classmates in the education and writing fields.

So first, we had to “live tweet” as we read through the complex pieces our professor assigned to us. As I did the readings, I read through the Twitter feed to see what my classmates were saying and connected it to what I was feeling about the piece. For example, as I was reading Selfe’s piece I thought of how I am trying to help my mom use modern technology to further help her students. She is a teacher and has found the internet is an easy way to get ideas for lesson plans, art ideas, coloring pages, worksheets, find professional development workshops etc. I also taught her how to use an iPad so she can play music in her classroom without using a CD player and use apps to track her lessons and student’s improvement. Here is my tweet:

We also used live tweeting in this class when we watched videos or used websites the professor gave to us. Here is a brief conversation I had with another classmate about whether video games were beneficial or harmful to children:

So I have to say, live tweeting allowed me to further understand the readings while communicating with other classmates as well as giving me new ideas and opinions of the readings I hadn’t thought of myself.

The second part of the assignment that we had to complete was to tweet at least 3 times per day and speak to the professional twitter community by re-tweeting or replying to them. I found myself switching back and forth between my two twitter accounts and constantly reminding myself that I needed to tweet for this class. I enjoyed reading the articles and thoughts of those in the professional community but with the end of the semester stress I found it hard to remember to tweet. Here is a conversation I had with a professional who talks about “classroom flipping”. A classroom flip is when the student will watch online lectures for homework and the homework will be completed in class. I had a flipped class this semester in math of all things, which I thought would be challenging but it was ultimately beneficial:

I also re-tweeted and mentioned other professionals but I didn’t expect many answers but rather thought of it as getting my thoughts out as a “young professional” in the twitter community. After this module is over, I will continue to occasionally monitor and follow others on my professional account. It is important to keep up with the changes in the education and technology world as a future educator. I enjoyed this assignment because it was a nice break from using my personal twitter and allowed me to learn things I normally wouldn’t using my personal account. Until next time #tfwf13


2 thoughts on “Professional Twitterverse

  1. It’s interesting to read about this assignment from someone who already uses twitter. I was learning how to use it while completing this assignment which may have resulted in us grasping different concepts. I am also an aspiring teacher, and never heard of a flipped class before! Although I didn’t expect to learn that in your blog I did, so thanks!

  2. I’m also a current twitter user as well. It was actually so hard for me to transfer over into a professional twitter coming from my personal one. My tweets seem so useless and unimportant compared to the ones we were assigned to do for this class. I like how you put that replying to professionals was more of us being young professionals getting our thoughts out there. I never thought of it that way and i completely agree with you. I don’t know why i was so apprehensive to reply to one of them. Maybe it was fear that they wouldn’t respond? I too, will continue to monitor the people i follow after this module and i hope to become more of a professional with my tweeting!

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