True Life: I’m not that addicted to Facebook

On November 27th I deleted my Facebook, a day earlier than assigned. I decided to stop using Facebook and deleting the app completely off my phone so I would not have any slip ups because I almost made a few. Since the next day was going to be Thanksgiving I decided to just delete it early because I knew the next day would be crazy and I would most likely forget to delete it. 

After saying my last goodbyes and logging off as well as deleting my app off my phone it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Although sometimes I would catch my finger going over in that section where my app use to be it was not to bad. After a few days of not using it I started realizing my finger did not go over there and I was not even tempted to log on to my sisters. Next time I believe I will challenge myself with Instagram because it seems like I am somewhat addicted to Instagram since I was off Facebook. 

In an article I read, Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?, they explain how Facebook is making people more detached from other people in society socially. Facebook is beginning to separate people from their friends, and making them lonelier because they are not properly socializing. I can see where they are coming from because me personally I can talk to a person that I don’t know better on a social network than randomly meeting a stranger in person and talking to them. Because of these social networks people do not communicate like they are suppose to. Guys do not approach girls face to face anymore instead they are in their inbox even if they have the same class together they would rather talk to them on Facebook than in person. I believe people are getting lonelier because they are forgetting how to interact with people outside of the world wide web, and if you do not have any “real life” friends then you will be a lonely individual. 

Since I am not addicted to social networking like that I am not in that category were I am lonely because I detach myself from people. However, are you yourself detached from people because of social networking?


One thought on “True Life: I’m not that addicted to Facebook

  1. After reading this blog post, I really started to think about if I’m really detaching myself from people due to a silly social media account. I have to be honest, I failed the Facebook assignment, only lasting 6 days without it. I feel like I should have done what you have done and deleted the Facebook application off my phone, but I couldn’t find the courage. Looking back on it, it’s pretty pathetic! I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to Facebook either, but this post made me realize how I definitely should limit my usage of my Facebook account.

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