Teachers on Twitter

So I was completely new to Twitter when this assignment was thrown in my lap, and before now I still didn’t have a desire to be on Twitter. Even now I am still on the fence about the whole Twitter scene, and the idea of following someone and being followed. Yes I know the same thing happens on Instagram, but it took me a long time to finally get one of those too. I am sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I will feel like I have nothing to say, but with Instagram you are just putting up pictures mostly, that’s easier then words, for me.

So for the assignment I had to “live tweet” while I was reading or watching the assigned materials, and I will admit, sometimes I would forget and have read and then remember I have to tweet something. Then I would go through this over thought out process of me thinking of what I wanted to tweet about the article or video. So my worry of not having anything to say turned into a worry of not saying the right thing. So I would go through all types of questions in my head like, “What if someone wrote something really similar to this? What if it isn’t interesting enough? What if no one else picked up on this? What if I forget to hashtag the author? (I always did) What if what I pick to write is boring and no one will read it? What if I never get retweeted, does that mean I am really bad at this? Why am I stressing over what I write, then I remember I do the same thing with picking captions on Instagram.” Then I finally get to the point where I know I have to put something down anything, and sometimes I like what I tweet and sometimes I don’t.

So doing the tweets put a little extra pressure or stress on me but, it did help me think more about what I was reading and relate it back to myself a lot easier. It sort of made my mind go in different directions surround the topic I was reading about, making me ask questions. So on December 5th I tweeted, “will there ever be hyperlinks in online movies? #tfwf13” and I then imagined myself watching a movie on my computer and they characters are throwing all of these facts at me about history and conspiracy of the Catholic Church like in ”Angels and Demons.” If a hyperlink popped up on the screen I could research the topic a little easier, with the movie providing me with the information they used and their sources.

This also let me express how I was feeling as I was reading the article, documenting my automatic thoughts to the words or images before me. In some of the materials given I just couldn’t help but tweet the first thing that came to my mind like, “my love for SCOOBY DOO is apart of … identity! #tfwf13” (Dec 3rd), “I play grand theft auto so apparently I am capabable of running a gang, kill people, and steal cars in real life. . . #tfwf13” (Dec 3rd), So this guy needs a longer attention span if he can’t talk with his gf without opening up a hundred other tabs #tfwf13 #noah.” (Nov 26) I couldn’t help those tweets, it was my automatic reactions.

Ok so I had to follow someone in my professional field, and she is a K-8 tech teacher for 15 years and has written 9 books. I really liked her twitter name, @AskATechTeacher and her post were all about providing her followers with all different types of information about Web 2.0 and using technology in the classroom. Most of her tweets had urls to different websites that she would use in her classroom or just extra information for using the new technology. The things she would tweet about are like “How Has the Internet Changed Education http://goo.gl/fb/mZGh8 ”, “#26: Create a Storybook… http://tinyurl.com/kcd3gjt  #firstgrade #kidpix #kindergarten #PowerPoint #secondgrade #story-writing #storybook” and even “How to Integrate Web 2.0 Tools into the Classroom – ‘Web 2.0’ is a term familiar to all teachers. Stated… http://tinyurl.com/7ylfe5v .“ All of her tweets were similar in style with just different topics. She is very straight forward with her tweets, getting straight to the point about her newest topic. She discussed things that could be done in different classrooms, and when she discussed kindergarten I really paid attention. Her followers and following have about a thousand difference. She is following a lot of other educators and technology based twitter accounts.

I enjoy her cool tweets about technology that can be used in the classroom, and I think anyone who is teaching or planning to teach should check out her Twitter!


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