Do you see the creepiness?

So who else is freaked out a little bit that we are being tracked like this? I walked into Target in Glassboro for the first time and I was given a guest id, and then there are people that are working to decide how to get me hooked! How to get me to come back and all of this is done through statistics and human behavior. So there are these people that are purposely working to get people to come back, not just by having good advertisement (which tends to work for me) but they are working to attract specific types of shoppers. I know they want every ones money, so does that mean no one is left out of this? Well I know I wasn’t, I was always getting mail for school supplies in high school, and then it made a change to dorm supplies and college gear. How did they know that I was in high school or getting ready for college? They have been keeping track it seems. It never failed I got the packets in the mail every year.


Now I do have to admit that the way that they figured out the perfect way to sell Febreze was amazing. They did all of these trials, and by the way I don’t remember the commercials being about riding the smell of smoke or cats. But what they says does make sense, the smell may have seemed to disappeared but it was more of the users just getting use to the smell. So the users realized this and changed their angle (smart move because I love to use the stuff) to reach different users. Now they are focusing less on the smell obsessed of people with the hundred cats or avid smokers but the moms and everyday people who aren’t worried about a specific smell. They could have used me for a test subject! I mostly use it after I clean, it’s like the cherry on the sundae, and I don’t stink nor smoke inside nor do I have a dog or any animal in my apartment. I do it to keep a clean smell, not to cover up a bad one.

They were able to interrelate being tracked, ways to advertise and habits. So all of this has to do with privacy, obviously there is none if they can do that entire but is it really all that bad? Are they doing a little too much? They were able to identify what women were pregnant in the store and target these women, with ads and that can be extremely uncomfortable (I would be pissed if I was that girl!) So are they doing too much by being too observant? Have they crossed the line of our privacy?


2 thoughts on “Do you see the creepiness?

  1. This was really interesting. I never really thought about how they knew I was in college or High school. Also with the pregnant women, what if they weren’t actually pregnant? It’s really scary how we are being basically followed everywhere we go and we don’t even know it. There’s someone out there right now adding this comment to a file with my name on it. They know what bank i go to, what kind of shampoo I buy, and when I leave the state. It makes me feel so small.

  2. I have to admit I’m a little freaked out that we are tracked like this with a guest id, too! Obviously I know that stores want your money and they want you to do all their shopping at their store, but I never realized the measures that they go to in order to keep a customer or track one. For example, keeping such a close eye on someone to find out if they are pregnant. Some people don’t come out and say they are pregnant until they are far along in their pregnancy. it is personal. I personally think this is going a little too far inside someone’s personal life and privacy. When did society become this crazy? Dumb question I guess. I love the smell of febreze, too! It does have such a fresh smell! You should look ( in target ha!) for some of the flavored scented febrezes, especially holiday ones!

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