To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Half of the time I forget I have Twitter or Instagram, unless I get a burst of inspiration or insanity that I feel like sharing with the world.  So it comes to no surprise to me that I feel like a failure with the whole Twitter assignment and to be quite honest, I don’t believe that Twitter had that much of an impact on my reading the texts for the course.  Only because when I read something, I block everything out in order to concentrate on what I’m reading if I stop to “tweet” something then I lose my concentration.  I guess I could “cheat” and write little notes to make up a “live tweet” afterwards, but I feel that is cheating so I’m not down with it.  However, I do realize the importance if you have a thought after you read the article then you might get some feedback on it and it might lead you to discover something else that you might have missed.

Another reason they wouldn’t work out is because I don’t read my articles straight online.  This entire module was blocked off at my job because it wasn’t on blackboard and so I had to email myself the article links and print them out so that I would be able to get something done.  Even that didn’t work that well.

I found these two articles about tweeting.  I wish these articles were around when I first joined twitter because I believe they would have helped me out immensely and I hope they might be able to help you also.

Originally, I joined twitter so that I could follow celebrities and I actually have one comedian who follows me (I thought that was the coolest thing ever!), I also follow shows but after reading those two articles I think I’m going to do a little re-vamping of my twitter account in order to make it more professional but at the same time still maintain my personality on it.

Professionally, I follow a lot of the publishing houses because that is where I want to work someday.  Interesting enough on December 1st I re-tweeted an article from Publisher’s Weekly and several hours later I had the author of that article actually thank me for re-tweeting it.   The author, Tim Manley, actually wrote a book called, “Alice in tumblr-land and other fairy tales for a new generation.” I wrote him back and told him that after my semester I will be looking into his book because I found it interesting.


I looked at his profile and noticed that he follows about 400 people but has over 4,800 followers.  We actually follow a couple of the same people.  He thanks everyone who re-tweets or spreads the word about his book.  I started following him on Facebook and tumblr because I liked the fact that he took time out to thank everyone for their support.  It’s a loyalty thing that I have.

Anyway, final version about Twitter is that it’s useful if done correctly.  I noticed that Twitter mobile received a new update so that is going to take awhile to figure it out.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to put people into lists and just look at groups one at a time instead of everyone at once.  I can understand why celebrities rarely tweet back with the amount of followers they have.


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