So many tweets So little time

So I thought the twitter assignment would be a piece of cake. I mean who wouldn’t want to tweet and be on social networks as a school assignment. Unfortunately, this was not as easy as I expected it to be. With working full time and being a full time student trying to remember to tweet was a hard task to complete. If this was back in 2010 when twitter was the new thing I would of been made the required amount of tweets however its 2013 and my lifestyle has changed. 

The most challenging part to me was the live tweeting. It was very hard tweeting about the readings and interacting with my other classmates on the readings. One I try to focus on just the article while I’m reading because once I pick up my phone I will end up on Instagram instead of just on twitter. Also it was hard for me to try and interact with my classmates because by the time I was able to tweet they have been read the article and my comment would be super late. 

For the second part of the assignment we had to follow and tweet or retweet someone in our professional field. Since I am an Autism consultant and plan on become a behavior specialist in the future I decided to follow Autism Speaks twitter account. I retweeted and responded to several post they had hoping to get a response but unfortunately I didn’t. Although I have gotten retweets and response by several celebrities before on my official twitter since this was an organization I kind of figured I would not get a response. However, they do follow quit a few people so if I did get a response that would of been great.

Although I did not interact with my classmates on twitter to much since nobody really followed me back when I did click on our classes hashtag I could see how we all related to certain parts of the readings as well as how we felt about the class. It felt really good being able to interact with my classmates and see that we all were on the same page when it came to the class. 


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