The real reason for Target’s name

Who would of known Target, one of the most popular stores in the U.S right now, has a meaning for their name. Target has a somewhat creepy marketing strategy to “target” their customers before other places try to lore them in. I found it very amusing how they target pregnant customers and try to guess if they are in their early stages of pregnancy like who does that? Whelp Target does thats who! And although it is very awkward and scary it is very smart to be honest. Their method to their madness is that they don’t want their customers to shop their for just one thing but for everything they need and honestly it works. I am a loyal customer at Target, they have everything you need from clothes to groceries and cooking supplies. Plus they give discounts when using your credit card which is a great saving. 

Although this is very smart but to a certain extent a little crazy, noisy and no privacy. I mean I don’t want them to know everything about me! No wonder I’m always getting paper ads that advertise cooking utensils and college stuff because that is what I spend most of my money on their. This shows you that we really don’t have any privacy! Who would of thought that stores do things like this just to get customers, learning all your personal information that is so extra. 


So many tweets So little time

So I thought the twitter assignment would be a piece of cake. I mean who wouldn’t want to tweet and be on social networks as a school assignment. Unfortunately, this was not as easy as I expected it to be. With working full time and being a full time student trying to remember to tweet was a hard task to complete. If this was back in 2010 when twitter was the new thing I would of been made the required amount of tweets however its 2013 and my lifestyle has changed. 

The most challenging part to me was the live tweeting. It was very hard tweeting about the readings and interacting with my other classmates on the readings. One I try to focus on just the article while I’m reading because once I pick up my phone I will end up on Instagram instead of just on twitter. Also it was hard for me to try and interact with my classmates because by the time I was able to tweet they have been read the article and my comment would be super late. 

For the second part of the assignment we had to follow and tweet or retweet someone in our professional field. Since I am an Autism consultant and plan on become a behavior specialist in the future I decided to follow Autism Speaks twitter account. I retweeted and responded to several post they had hoping to get a response but unfortunately I didn’t. Although I have gotten retweets and response by several celebrities before on my official twitter since this was an organization I kind of figured I would not get a response. However, they do follow quit a few people so if I did get a response that would of been great.

Although I did not interact with my classmates on twitter to much since nobody really followed me back when I did click on our classes hashtag I could see how we all related to certain parts of the readings as well as how we felt about the class. It felt really good being able to interact with my classmates and see that we all were on the same page when it came to the class. 

True Life: I’m not that addicted to Facebook

On November 27th I deleted my Facebook, a day earlier than assigned. I decided to stop using Facebook and deleting the app completely off my phone so I would not have any slip ups because I almost made a few. Since the next day was going to be Thanksgiving I decided to just delete it early because I knew the next day would be crazy and I would most likely forget to delete it. 

After saying my last goodbyes and logging off as well as deleting my app off my phone it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Although sometimes I would catch my finger going over in that section where my app use to be it was not to bad. After a few days of not using it I started realizing my finger did not go over there and I was not even tempted to log on to my sisters. Next time I believe I will challenge myself with Instagram because it seems like I am somewhat addicted to Instagram since I was off Facebook. 

In an article I read, Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?, they explain how Facebook is making people more detached from other people in society socially. Facebook is beginning to separate people from their friends, and making them lonelier because they are not properly socializing. I can see where they are coming from because me personally I can talk to a person that I don’t know better on a social network than randomly meeting a stranger in person and talking to them. Because of these social networks people do not communicate like they are suppose to. Guys do not approach girls face to face anymore instead they are in their inbox even if they have the same class together they would rather talk to them on Facebook than in person. I believe people are getting lonelier because they are forgetting how to interact with people outside of the world wide web, and if you do not have any “real life” friends then you will be a lonely individual. 

Since I am not addicted to social networking like that I am not in that category were I am lonely because I detach myself from people. However, are you yourself detached from people because of social networking?

Birth of a Word

I really enjoyed watching Deb Roy’s video. When I first read the title of the video I thought it was going to be about the creation of words. Once I finally viewed it was very interesting. I really enjoyed how he talked about his son and how him saying “gaga” later on became water. I also enjoyed watching the home videos he showed of the interaction that went on in the house. He used a lot of equipment and technology to get all of this information down and capture these precious moments. Personally, I don’t see how he did it with all those camera’s in the house. To me it would be annoying because I could not sneak and do anything because I would be on camera.

Overall, I thought it was a decent video and I never thought about language in depth like that. But after viewing this it does have you thinking like how did I say what I wanted before I was able to properly speak. However, I never knew it took a bunch of data and research to figure this out.

Web in Education

Using the internet for educational reasons is one of the most popular things that is going on now a days. When I was growing up the only time we used the computer was for writing or playing games. Now this generation, students are using the computer for more than typing and playing games. There are now a lot of books for students to read online and some websites also read to the students. 

For upper age children we use powerpoint presentations that can be animated in order for them to have a visual to conduct an assignment or to go along with a paper. Technology is very big now a days in class. Tools such as video, mobile tools and even just the world wide web is something that is used all the time. Since I am a college student I always use mobile tools everything is on my phone. My school emails, blackboard and any readings that I need are always on my phone. 

These tools are going to continue to grow in the classroom and be used for all age groups. Although I do like the way technology is being used in the classroom it sometimes gets over whelming because I am not as up as I once thought I was with technology. But I guess I will have to get over and stay up with the times because technology is taking over the world. 

The Difference between Thin and Thick tweets

Silver’s blog made me really think about my tweets and others people tweets. Unless someone is going on a rant you never really see a thick tweet only the regular I’m bored or who up with me tweets. I often wonder sometimes why do we even have twitter? Like what is really the purpose of having a twitter. Some people use it for business purposes or inspirational message while others, including myself, just have it just to use when your bored.

Silver assigns his student to do thick tweets about anything they want to. However the tweets must be 140 characters long and use different information. This is definitely a task for twitter because people normally do not post stuff that has different layers of information in it. Plus they have to put it all within 140 characters can be very hard at times because 140 characters is not a lot at all if you want to clearly explain something in one tweet.

This reading has me thinking that now I can really try to use my twitter as something informative. Although sometimes I will touch on a subject on twitter that is informative or want to relay a message, but most of the times I tweet song lyrics and dumb stuff about me being tired. Hhmm maybe I’ll start tweeting thick.