Open Your Eyes

Ok so this is my last blog post and I really wanna knock this out with a BANG! It has been a pretty weird experience, doing this whole blog thing, especially since I have a hard time every knowing what to say when I put things on the internet (my struggle with Twitter) and doing this blog was no different but easier then Twitter for sure. Pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I can write basically as much as I want. So I figured a major weakness that I have when it comes to writing is being able to say what I want to say with as little words as possible. Well doing this Pecha Kucha assignment helped me with since I had to explain the point of a picture under 20 SECONDS. So lets talk about the Pecha Kucha. . .

A Walk Through A Slide
So our Prezi dealt with the same topic that my group tried to incorporate into our blog (evident in the title) the effect that images play on society based off of use of Web 2.0 and everything that comes with it. So my five slides dealt with the effect that images can have on little girls, and more specifically the images the pertain to being beautiful. So I chose this image of Barbie, the most beloved toy of almost every little girl in the world, including me. I have yet to throw out any of my barbies, they are packed away in the attic. I had barbie everything growing up, from the mansion to the town house, multiply cars, airplane, beach house, and enough clothes to cloth an army. Barbie to me growing up was one of my favorite toys, so of course I had some thoughts on why my hair, skin, and body didn’t necessarily look like hers or why they were hardly any black barbies on the shelves. So this plays directly into our topic because this is a toy that is everywhere from her own website, music videos, stores, and she even has her own Facebook page. So this toy is what is considered beautiful and we are throwing this in little girls face, who are unselfconsciously being taught that looks matter. So from this, why wouldn’t little girls want to look like Barbie, she is the definition of beauty that society has put out into the world right?
The NY Daily News did an article “Artist recreates Barbie with real-life proportions” which I quoted the measurements of Barbie’s waist versus the average 19 year olds waist size. This slide digs both on the emotional and logically side of people who viewed my slide, really hitting home for the viewers. All of the pictures make an impact but this leaves the viewers with the question of, if this regular shaped Barbie would actually sell? So can some of the damage that has been done, be changed?

“Who looks like this? Her tiny waist to long legs, the face of the little girl industry has been corrupting the views of girls for years. Parents have thought twice when giving toy this to their baby girls. She has the unrealistic measurements of 36-18-33 whereas the average 19 year olds is 32-31-33.”

My other group members talked about the effect that images have on women as a whole, the using of technology to develop this false sense of beauty, while I focus on the effect on the younger generations. This photo makes it clear in the direction that I was taking the focus of our project. But since nothing is perfect, in my narrative I may have focused more on the size and how it is impossible to be that size. I could have mention how Barbie’s life would be if she was real.


What I Learned About My Blog Topic
In this class I have done all kinds of readings that have further helped me understand this thing called Web 2.0 and some of things that go along with it. So trying to keep with the theme I decided to research some ways the children now see learning in the classroom, which went right along with what I was learning in my Educational Technology class. In that class I was learning how to use the programs, and the articles talked about the use within the classroom and their effects. So in the article “Web 2.0 in the Classroom” by Bray and Alden, they discuss these new ways for children to be taught with programs that I have heard before but now they are being broken down into ways that the programs can be used. So this directly affected me since I am working to become a kindergarten teacher. These programs will help me, better help my students.

Then I found out that there are websites out there that more interactive then the online coloring books or these dressing games. The web has developed in a way that anyone can use it for anything. This is changing the way we look at the internet, especially when it is made to look so pretty. The We Feel Fine website accomplished that with their different “movements” to express the information that was being feed to the user. So if this was a shock to me, I can only imagine what a shock it was for people back in the mid and late 1990’s when Kelly discusses the way people saw the internet. If they could see what it has become now, who know if they would believe it simply because of the responses that some people said about the internet like, “ in late 1994, Time magazine explained why the Internet would never go mainstream: “It was not designed for doing commerce, and it does not gracefully accommodate new arrivals.” Newsweek put the doubts more bluntly in a February 1995 headline: “THE INTERNET? BAH!” The article was written by astrophysicist and Net maven Cliff Stoll, who captured the prevailing skepticism of virtual communities and online shopping with one word: ‘baloney.’” (We Are the Web) Before I never even considered that there would be nay-sayers to the idea of the internet, but this reminded me that with change, there will always be those who don’t support it.


Do you see the creepiness?

So who else is freaked out a little bit that we are being tracked like this? I walked into Target in Glassboro for the first time and I was given a guest id, and then there are people that are working to decide how to get me hooked! How to get me to come back and all of this is done through statistics and human behavior. So there are these people that are purposely working to get people to come back, not just by having good advertisement (which tends to work for me) but they are working to attract specific types of shoppers. I know they want every ones money, so does that mean no one is left out of this? Well I know I wasn’t, I was always getting mail for school supplies in high school, and then it made a change to dorm supplies and college gear. How did they know that I was in high school or getting ready for college? They have been keeping track it seems. It never failed I got the packets in the mail every year.


Now I do have to admit that the way that they figured out the perfect way to sell Febreze was amazing. They did all of these trials, and by the way I don’t remember the commercials being about riding the smell of smoke or cats. But what they says does make sense, the smell may have seemed to disappeared but it was more of the users just getting use to the smell. So the users realized this and changed their angle (smart move because I love to use the stuff) to reach different users. Now they are focusing less on the smell obsessed of people with the hundred cats or avid smokers but the moms and everyday people who aren’t worried about a specific smell. They could have used me for a test subject! I mostly use it after I clean, it’s like the cherry on the sundae, and I don’t stink nor smoke inside nor do I have a dog or any animal in my apartment. I do it to keep a clean smell, not to cover up a bad one.

They were able to interrelate being tracked, ways to advertise and habits. So all of this has to do with privacy, obviously there is none if they can do that entire but is it really all that bad? Are they doing a little too much? They were able to identify what women were pregnant in the store and target these women, with ads and that can be extremely uncomfortable (I would be pissed if I was that girl!) So are they doing too much by being too observant? Have they crossed the line of our privacy?

Teachers on Twitter

So I was completely new to Twitter when this assignment was thrown in my lap, and before now I still didn’t have a desire to be on Twitter. Even now I am still on the fence about the whole Twitter scene, and the idea of following someone and being followed. Yes I know the same thing happens on Instagram, but it took me a long time to finally get one of those too. I am sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I will feel like I have nothing to say, but with Instagram you are just putting up pictures mostly, that’s easier then words, for me.

So for the assignment I had to “live tweet” while I was reading or watching the assigned materials, and I will admit, sometimes I would forget and have read and then remember I have to tweet something. Then I would go through this over thought out process of me thinking of what I wanted to tweet about the article or video. So my worry of not having anything to say turned into a worry of not saying the right thing. So I would go through all types of questions in my head like, “What if someone wrote something really similar to this? What if it isn’t interesting enough? What if no one else picked up on this? What if I forget to hashtag the author? (I always did) What if what I pick to write is boring and no one will read it? What if I never get retweeted, does that mean I am really bad at this? Why am I stressing over what I write, then I remember I do the same thing with picking captions on Instagram.” Then I finally get to the point where I know I have to put something down anything, and sometimes I like what I tweet and sometimes I don’t.

So doing the tweets put a little extra pressure or stress on me but, it did help me think more about what I was reading and relate it back to myself a lot easier. It sort of made my mind go in different directions surround the topic I was reading about, making me ask questions. So on December 5th I tweeted, “will there ever be hyperlinks in online movies? #tfwf13” and I then imagined myself watching a movie on my computer and they characters are throwing all of these facts at me about history and conspiracy of the Catholic Church like in ”Angels and Demons.” If a hyperlink popped up on the screen I could research the topic a little easier, with the movie providing me with the information they used and their sources.

This also let me express how I was feeling as I was reading the article, documenting my automatic thoughts to the words or images before me. In some of the materials given I just couldn’t help but tweet the first thing that came to my mind like, “my love for SCOOBY DOO is apart of … identity! #tfwf13” (Dec 3rd), “I play grand theft auto so apparently I am capabable of running a gang, kill people, and steal cars in real life. . . #tfwf13” (Dec 3rd), So this guy needs a longer attention span if he can’t talk with his gf without opening up a hundred other tabs #tfwf13 #noah.” (Nov 26) I couldn’t help those tweets, it was my automatic reactions.

Ok so I had to follow someone in my professional field, and she is a K-8 tech teacher for 15 years and has written 9 books. I really liked her twitter name, @AskATechTeacher and her post were all about providing her followers with all different types of information about Web 2.0 and using technology in the classroom. Most of her tweets had urls to different websites that she would use in her classroom or just extra information for using the new technology. The things she would tweet about are like “How Has the Internet Changed Education ”, “#26: Create a Storybook…  #firstgrade #kidpix #kindergarten #PowerPoint #secondgrade #story-writing #storybook” and even “How to Integrate Web 2.0 Tools into the Classroom – ‘Web 2.0’ is a term familiar to all teachers. Stated… .“ All of her tweets were similar in style with just different topics. She is very straight forward with her tweets, getting straight to the point about her newest topic. She discussed things that could be done in different classrooms, and when she discussed kindergarten I really paid attention. Her followers and following have about a thousand difference. She is following a lot of other educators and technology based twitter accounts.

I enjoy her cool tweets about technology that can be used in the classroom, and I think anyone who is teaching or planning to teach should check out her Twitter!


So I took on the challenge of giving up Instagram for a whole week. Why would i want to this? What can I get out of this? How was I even able to do this? Well let me tell you, it was NOT easy! I never looked at my frequent ig usage as being addicted but when i started, i wondered, am I addicted? So throughout my absence on ig i couldn’t help the urge that would take over my body to want to get on ig. After the first day I knew I had a slight problem, but atleast I still had some control over the urge, so this addiction that some people have where social media rules their lives, I can say I am not that addicted to that level.

So what is my level? Well i looked up just that, signs of being addicted not to just social media but to Instagram. So there are lists out here that describe things that a person who is addicted to Instagram, and some are completely me, hands down but others, are way off. So lets throw out a few that apply to me:

7. You find yourself frequently reviewing your own Instagram stream critically to assess what other people might think of you, based on your most recent photos.

6. In bed, after you turn out the light, you give Instagram one last refresh, just to make sure you’re caught up.

20. Choosing the right filter is the most agonizing six minutes of your day.

26. Instagram stalking is your new Facebook creeping, and you’re obsessive with your “clear search history” maintenance.

1. You immediately check your phone as soon as you wake up to see if anyone uploaded any photos after you went to bed.

4. You have a multitude of apps you have to use before you even open Instagram.

7. You are easily annoyed by improper hashtagging.

8. You may have accidentally liked a photo uploaded “56w” ago while stalking someone.


9. Your day is a never-ending stream of scrolling.

13. You tend to overreact when you accidentally post a photo before you meant to.

14. This is what you look like when waiting for the first like after you upload a picture.


15. You have tried to “double tap” Facebook posts to like them.

19. You’re very concerned with your follower-to-followee ratio.

20. You are constantly checking your phone to see if you got any new likes.


Now some things that don’t apply to me:

4. You’ve started to view the world exclusively in squares.

13. The hashtag(s) for your image is of utmost importance #nofilter #OOTD           #throwbackthursday #latergram

22. More than a few times, you’ve chosen your shoes, your manicure, your coffee shop or    your route to work based on it’s “Instagramability.”

27. You’ve turned down a potential romantic partner because of their sub-standard Instagram photos.

25. You have serious opinions about people’s wedding hashtags, and might already know what yours will be.

10. You may have deleted a photo or two because it didn’t get enough likes.

17. Your friends have considered staging an   “instavention” on your behalf.

18. You already have your wedding hashtag picked.

27. Your face is in a permanent state of “duckface.”

26. Your friends hate going on trips with you because you want to stop every five minutes to take a picture.

22. You have a designated friend who takes pictures of you (and you of them).

21. You get irrationally angry when someone regrams your photo without crediting you.

Wow so that list came from two different articles 27 Signs You’re Addicted to Instagram ( and 28 Struggles Of An Instagram Addict ( and I was surprised how head on they were! This challenge was just that a challenge!

So i realized that a lot of those applied to me and then it made me think, what effect does all of this have on a girl? Well what do you think? Kim K popped into my mind and all different types of photo shopping on magazines and on the internet! What does this lead to? Eating disorders! These women are trying to get this perfect body they believe they need and look this certain way, and ig I’m sure isn’t helping that. (

My experience:

My close friends knew that I wasn’t able to get on ig, but yet they were sending me pictures of screen shots of ig or telling me to look at their phone to show me a picture of something on her ig. So it was hard to not go on, with these daily constant reminders of my want to get on ig.

The day after Thanksgiving, I gave it up and twice I forgot! I posted something and then remembered after i posted it. I thought i was strong enough to do it without deleting the app, but in the end i had to completely delete it off my phone. But i caught myself mulitply times going to the space that the app was at before and i didn’t even realize that is what i was doing.

I have even become a little depressed when I remembered that I couldn’t get on, especially when I was bored. I decided that any other day I wouldn’t get on Facebook so I wasn’t going to start now. So when I got a really strong urge, I downloaded new games on my phone (Cooking and Dress up games) and just played those. When I was bored was really the hardest times not to get on.

Even though I was on ig, I needed to make sure that I wasn’t losing a lot of followers, so i checked my Instafollwers app to see who unfollowered me.

I felt untouched with the world, I didn’t know what my friends were doing or even the strangers that I am now apart of their lives because we follow each other. This didn’t really affect my school work, probably because I don’t spend hours on ig at a time.

I felt down that I couldn’t post things like “#allblackwednesday” for American Horror Story. I just felt very left out, and a little alone.

Would I want to repeat this? No. I am counting down the minutes until I can get back on, but I can say that I AM NOT A COMPLETE ADDICT! YAYYYYY!

Can You Show How You Feel?

So I had the chance to deal with an interactive website, (the concept of that is very COOL) and I have to say I really liked this one! I really think its ironic that the website is dealing with emotions since I am going through a lot of different emotions lately, but back to the website. So once I got to the website I saw that it dealt with emotions, and thought what the heck am I about to do with an interactive website and emotions? Well I was greatly surprised. It seemed as through the creators were able to cover all of their biases with the different “movements.” So there are six and I liked all of them, really like the concept of the third movement, “montage” but I think I just didn’t care for the pictures that popped up on my screen. So for this movement you took a picture that you believed represented a particular emotion and you wrote a sentence or two to go along with it.


SENTENCE: Remind people where your bloodline rises.



I did like all of the other ones but the powerfulness of an emotion expressed with a picture can reach more people I think then just saying the word. It now becomes something visible, so when Susan is feeling loved and she puts up a picture of her husband and her when she was pregnant, we can see the love in their eyes and the evidence of their love lies on her finger, in her stomach, and across their face. Just words can’t do that for everyone. This movement expresses that everyone sees things differently and now we can see exactly what they mean when they say the word love.

Now all of the movements were great but when you filled out your own emotions, gender, and weather you get to see who else is feeling the same way as you. WOW I AM NOT ALONE! I can imagine that is a very popular reaction to website.

So this website is connecting people that they don’t even know that they exist, but they are finding things that they have in common. So I filled out the information, feeling was loved, age was 20 to 29 (3days, 18 hours,48 mins,33 secs until 20th bday alil early I know!) and wow all of these people are feeling like me! There was a female in the United Kingdom and Alaska that was feeling loved. There was a picture of a diamond necklace and a heart drawn in the sand. Those people felt that warm fuzzy feeling inside of being loved and shared it with me.

So how are you feeling today? What picture would you have to show how you are feeling? How many people do you think are feeling the same way?

What the Children Will See.

So I am coming to terms with the fact that I do not know technology as well as I thought I was, the word “Digital Native” obliviously isn’t what I am , I am more of in the middle. I know I have a lot to learn, and I know what I learn can be used in the classroom. So I decided to look up ways that Web 2.0 in the classroom and first I was surprised that in the search engine after the word ‘the” a lot of different options popped up like, workplace, library, and future. But for today I only looked at one about in the classroom. Looking up charts about web 2.0 in the classroom showed me that people are collaborating this with Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains. Each learning domain has different web 2.0 applications that can help with that particle domain.

What ways can it be used in the classroom? So how can this be used in the classroom? Does it need to be a part of a child’s learning space? How can this benefit a student when in the classroom? So today I’m going to focus on the first question:

What ways can it be used in the classroom?         

So I found the article ‘Web 2.0 in the Classroom” by Barbara Bray and Melissa Alden. They have things on here that I have never heard of before. The article is divided into sections that these new web based programs can help in brainstorming, reading and writing, presentations, and collaborating. So I take two and discuss two in another post.

In the section about Brainstorming they discuss a program called Poll Everywhere. So I went to the website and I was shocked. The teacher can assign a question or topic and the students can text their answers in, creating a poll for the entire class to see. The teacher can look at the process of changing percentages with the information that the students give back. Reading and exploring the website, all types of teaching ideas popped into my head, but kindergarteners really won’t be able to use this, unless I put in the information for which defeats the purpose.

But another application was Wordle, which was a part of the Reading and Writing Section and also in the remembering spectrum of bloom’s taxonomy. This program makes word clouds of different color themes and shapes. This program takes any piece of writing and takes out the most used words from the piece. They give a good example that can be used in even my kindergarten classroom, “Try using Wordle to organize your data instead of a graph. Start one Wordle where you ask your students to come up and put in their favorite color or food. When they are all done, generate the cloud to see the bigger words which are the most popular colors or food.” So now I can work on new vocabulary words such as bigger, smaller, more fewer, and even most common.

Technology is really changing the ways we can teach, and I can’t wait to be able to put all of these new programs to good use!

Creating A World for All to See

Reading this I was not sure what to expect, the title definitely didn’t subdue any unease that I was feeling about reading this article. So I know a little about MUD and these like cyber worlds that are built for people’s entertainment. For one I think that these worlds are pretty cool and can get really intense on the level of people becoming like addicted. The closest I got to anything like this was Sims. I played Sims on the computer and different game systems, I even developed a favorite, Sims 2, mostly because of the awesome expansion packs. I was able to be the master of my own little world! I love playing the Sims because I can make some of my ultimate fantasies come true. Playing these games I do believe people enjoy it because of that reason, the ability to control another reality, a “virtual reality.”In this new reality you are the puppet master, creating your person how you want them to look, possible like you or your inner you. Your inner you may be what you wished you really looked like, or it can be how you wish other people would see you. The women Iegba who was an indeterminate gendered female, why would she pick this was of presenting herself to the world? There is a reason, everything we do it is because of the reason. Maybe she is bisexual and wishes to represent herself that way. Maybe she believes that there shouldn’t be any standards for any gender, everyone should be equal. Or even maybe she feels confused about her indenti8ty and in this world, she feels more comfortable to express this confusion.

Now these people have put themselves in this virtual world and being who they truly wish they could be, and this sadistic crazy pathetic excuse of a man comes in and disrupts this peace. All I could think while reading this piece was what a sick bastard! He is getting some kind of enjoyment out of this, whether its sexual or mental who knows. These acts that he was having these women do were APPALING and outright DIGUSTING! Who can get enjoyment from these types of sick twisted games? People who have some serious issues and need immediate HELP!

So ok yes these women were not physically touched, but they might as well have been. Have you gotten into an agreement over the internet? Has anyone say inappropriate things to you, in person or over the internet? Then I think you can relate to these women. This man stripped them of their dignity, and they had to think about a man somewhere is sitting there wishing he could really be doing that to them. How would you feel if you opened up your Facebook and a message was sitting there but you didn’t know who it was from and you couldn’t reply, and inside was the nastiest note you have ever read. He is in their calling you all types of ‘B’s” and “C’s” saying that he wants to stick a knife up your butt. Would you be scared? Would you want to report that message? Would you want something to be done about that? So imagine reading that and seeing it on your baby, your creation, I think that only intensifies what you are feeling.

Will this ‘New Direction” really be of any help? Should anything really be done since the women were not physically rapped? Is this something that we should just except is going to happen because we are in a world where no one is actually who they appear to be? Is this just part of the risk we take to join a “virual reality?”