Pecha Kucha Reflection

Well this has been fun to say the very least, my last blog entry.  I learned a lot, how to blog, how to do a Prezi presentation, and how to not be scared of Twitter.  Anyway, this last blog post will be about my group’s Pecha Kucha project.  We focused on how beauty has become subjected to the tyranny of Photoshop, airbrushing, and just the most impossible standards that can be afforded to women.  They make us hold this standard that is not healthy or beneficial to young girls’ self esteem.  Our identities have become what morphed into not what we think we should be but what society thinks we should be.  Our individualistic tendencies are crushed in favor of more cookie cutter brands that aren’t realistic.

A Walk Through A Slide

CB - hands

During the slide I said, “With the far reach of technology there is something just as dangerous coming after these easily manipulated, gullible girls: sexual predators.”  These girls don’t realize just how much their need to be physically appealing makes them targets.  It could incite violent reactions just because “not bodies touched” like Dibbell mentioned in his article.  It doesn’t mean that girls aren’t affected by these online [malicious] acts.”

I found the picture of the hands reaching out the computer slightly disturbing, but also symbolic.  Social media has gotten out completely of control.  We also have to be connected, if we aren’t we lose our minds thinking that we might not have access to the great big world out there that we will miss something important and requires our immediate attention.   Where some people may use social media for professional means, there are a lot of people who use abuse it.  From teenagers using it to cyber bully “unpopular” peers, to sexual predators preying on the weaker people, to regular citizens using it to further spew hatred though the web.  No one is safe from vicious attacks and anyone can become a victim.

In Turkle’s article, she was talking about how the MUD games “are laboratories for the construction of identity.”  In a way that is what Facebook, Instagram, and other social media has done to society.  They have become ingrained so much into our lives that we feel we can’t live without however it makes us sad or depressed because if our lives aren’t as picture perfect as other people show their lives to be and then we feel as if there is something wrong with us because our lives don’t look theirs.  It is a vicious cycle that most people don’t seem to understand at the point where they are looking at those happy faces are how many shots it took to get it just right.  There is nothing in this life that is picture perfect but we are all capable of trying to put our best foot forward to make others believe that everything is good.  My other slide is of a girl with her head buried in her hands after looking at something online.  In hindsight, I think I would have put the hands before the girl but done the weight scale first.

What I Learned about my Blog Topic

My group’s blog was about beauty and how the web has helped cultivate society’s unsustainable standards in regards to beauty.  The one article that stands out to be is Sherry Turkle’s “Who Am We?” and when she speaks about MUDs.  People have taken to hiding behind virtual masks in order to be themselves because they don’t feel as if society will accept them for who they are inside.  People lose themselves in these virtual games just like they lose themselves while looking at social media and wanting to be or have something that isn’t theirs in the first place.  People’s identities have become linked with that of their social media outlet.

To be honest, the readings did not specifically do much for me in terms of beauty, regular social media did that.  It opened my eyes a little to people’s comments under a celebrity’s picture.  It could be a pretty decent picture, but people will tear her down because she’s isn’t glammed up to the nines as if the celebrity doesn’t have a right be natural.

Thinking about Deb Roy’s “Birth of Word” video gives me an idea about beauty and the web.  His son picked up words around his natural habitat.  Over the course of months he started going from gaga to water, I think that could be applied to society’s standards of web.  If we can get magazine’s and other publications to STOP photo shopping and airbrushing celebrities on their magazine after a while well we can start rebuilding people’s standards of beauty.  It will take time but I think we can do it, if only we put our best effort forward.

One thing this module has taught me is that you never know between Twitter, blogging, and even YouTube.  You have the power to reach a lot of people and you never know who can be listening or reading your words.  You must be considerate when putting information out there and make sure that it has the power to help and not hinder.


Communication Malfunction

Do Digital Natives Really Suck at Communicating Face-to-Face?

The fact that the title uses the word “suck” instead of “have a hard time” or “Face-to Face Communication: Difficult for Digital Natives” leads me to believe that the author might be a digital native themselves.

What this article says is absolutely true!  My brother and sister are 23 and 22 respectively and they were ever so ecstatic when online pizza ordering became a reality because neither one of them wanted to pick up the phone and call to order it OR answer the door when it finally arrived.  I would try to force them but it became so problematic that I just threw up my hands and said “to hell with it.”  A lot of young people would rather communicate through email or text messaging than go meet with something face to face.  I think it is a responsibility of this generation who is straddling the line between the old ways and the new digital way to make sure that their children aren’t afraid to look someone in the eye.  If you can’t look at someone’s face then you have no business talking to them.  The article mentioned that younger people aren’t very empathic.  This could be a reason why cyber bullying is becoming a problem and why people feel the need to put other people down because there is a sort of disconnect when you aren’t faced with the person you are making fun of and it leads you to become more of an unforgiving person.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Half of the time I forget I have Twitter or Instagram, unless I get a burst of inspiration or insanity that I feel like sharing with the world.  So it comes to no surprise to me that I feel like a failure with the whole Twitter assignment and to be quite honest, I don’t believe that Twitter had that much of an impact on my reading the texts for the course.  Only because when I read something, I block everything out in order to concentrate on what I’m reading if I stop to “tweet” something then I lose my concentration.  I guess I could “cheat” and write little notes to make up a “live tweet” afterwards, but I feel that is cheating so I’m not down with it.  However, I do realize the importance if you have a thought after you read the article then you might get some feedback on it and it might lead you to discover something else that you might have missed.

Another reason they wouldn’t work out is because I don’t read my articles straight online.  This entire module was blocked off at my job because it wasn’t on blackboard and so I had to email myself the article links and print them out so that I would be able to get something done.  Even that didn’t work that well.

I found these two articles about tweeting.  I wish these articles were around when I first joined twitter because I believe they would have helped me out immensely and I hope they might be able to help you also.

Originally, I joined twitter so that I could follow celebrities and I actually have one comedian who follows me (I thought that was the coolest thing ever!), I also follow shows but after reading those two articles I think I’m going to do a little re-vamping of my twitter account in order to make it more professional but at the same time still maintain my personality on it.

Professionally, I follow a lot of the publishing houses because that is where I want to work someday.  Interesting enough on December 1st I re-tweeted an article from Publisher’s Weekly and several hours later I had the author of that article actually thank me for re-tweeting it.   The author, Tim Manley, actually wrote a book called, “Alice in tumblr-land and other fairy tales for a new generation.” I wrote him back and told him that after my semester I will be looking into his book because I found it interesting.


I looked at his profile and noticed that he follows about 400 people but has over 4,800 followers.  We actually follow a couple of the same people.  He thanks everyone who re-tweets or spreads the word about his book.  I started following him on Facebook and tumblr because I liked the fact that he took time out to thank everyone for their support.  It’s a loyalty thing that I have.

Anyway, final version about Twitter is that it’s useful if done correctly.  I noticed that Twitter mobile received a new update so that is going to take awhile to figure it out.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to put people into lists and just look at groups one at a time instead of everyone at once.  I can understand why celebrities rarely tweet back with the amount of followers they have.


So I took on the challenge of giving up Instagram for a whole week. Why would i want to this? What can I get out of this? How was I even able to do this? Well let me tell you, it was NOT easy! I never looked at my frequent ig usage as being addicted but when i started, i wondered, am I addicted? So throughout my absence on ig i couldn’t help the urge that would take over my body to want to get on ig. After the first day I knew I had a slight problem, but atleast I still had some control over the urge, so this addiction that some people have where social media rules their lives, I can say I am not that addicted to that level.

So what is my level? Well i looked up just that, signs of being addicted not to just social media but to Instagram. So there are lists out here that describe things that a person who is addicted to Instagram, and some are completely me, hands down but others, are way off. So lets throw out a few that apply to me:

7. You find yourself frequently reviewing your own Instagram stream critically to assess what other people might think of you, based on your most recent photos.

6. In bed, after you turn out the light, you give Instagram one last refresh, just to make sure you’re caught up.

20. Choosing the right filter is the most agonizing six minutes of your day.

26. Instagram stalking is your new Facebook creeping, and you’re obsessive with your “clear search history” maintenance.

1. You immediately check your phone as soon as you wake up to see if anyone uploaded any photos after you went to bed.

4. You have a multitude of apps you have to use before you even open Instagram.

7. You are easily annoyed by improper hashtagging.

8. You may have accidentally liked a photo uploaded “56w” ago while stalking someone.


9. Your day is a never-ending stream of scrolling.

13. You tend to overreact when you accidentally post a photo before you meant to.

14. This is what you look like when waiting for the first like after you upload a picture.


15. You have tried to “double tap” Facebook posts to like them.

19. You’re very concerned with your follower-to-followee ratio.

20. You are constantly checking your phone to see if you got any new likes.


Now some things that don’t apply to me:

4. You’ve started to view the world exclusively in squares.

13. The hashtag(s) for your image is of utmost importance #nofilter #OOTD           #throwbackthursday #latergram

22. More than a few times, you’ve chosen your shoes, your manicure, your coffee shop or    your route to work based on it’s “Instagramability.”

27. You’ve turned down a potential romantic partner because of their sub-standard Instagram photos.

25. You have serious opinions about people’s wedding hashtags, and might already know what yours will be.

10. You may have deleted a photo or two because it didn’t get enough likes.

17. Your friends have considered staging an   “instavention” on your behalf.

18. You already have your wedding hashtag picked.

27. Your face is in a permanent state of “duckface.”

26. Your friends hate going on trips with you because you want to stop every five minutes to take a picture.

22. You have a designated friend who takes pictures of you (and you of them).

21. You get irrationally angry when someone regrams your photo without crediting you.

Wow so that list came from two different articles 27 Signs You’re Addicted to Instagram ( and 28 Struggles Of An Instagram Addict ( and I was surprised how head on they were! This challenge was just that a challenge!

So i realized that a lot of those applied to me and then it made me think, what effect does all of this have on a girl? Well what do you think? Kim K popped into my mind and all different types of photo shopping on magazines and on the internet! What does this lead to? Eating disorders! These women are trying to get this perfect body they believe they need and look this certain way, and ig I’m sure isn’t helping that. (

My experience:

My close friends knew that I wasn’t able to get on ig, but yet they were sending me pictures of screen shots of ig or telling me to look at their phone to show me a picture of something on her ig. So it was hard to not go on, with these daily constant reminders of my want to get on ig.

The day after Thanksgiving, I gave it up and twice I forgot! I posted something and then remembered after i posted it. I thought i was strong enough to do it without deleting the app, but in the end i had to completely delete it off my phone. But i caught myself mulitply times going to the space that the app was at before and i didn’t even realize that is what i was doing.

I have even become a little depressed when I remembered that I couldn’t get on, especially when I was bored. I decided that any other day I wouldn’t get on Facebook so I wasn’t going to start now. So when I got a really strong urge, I downloaded new games on my phone (Cooking and Dress up games) and just played those. When I was bored was really the hardest times not to get on.

Even though I was on ig, I needed to make sure that I wasn’t losing a lot of followers, so i checked my Instafollwers app to see who unfollowered me.

I felt untouched with the world, I didn’t know what my friends were doing or even the strangers that I am now apart of their lives because we follow each other. This didn’t really affect my school work, probably because I don’t spend hours on ig at a time.

I felt down that I couldn’t post things like “#allblackwednesday” for American Horror Story. I just felt very left out, and a little alone.

Would I want to repeat this? No. I am counting down the minutes until I can get back on, but I can say that I AM NOT A COMPLETE ADDICT! YAYYYYY!

No Facebook, No Problem.

I gave up Facebook on November 26.  It wasn’t right after class, because I decided to soak it up a bit before I left.  So I shared links, posted comments, and then I said so long to Facebook and all of its goodies.  I decided to take it a step further and said “hasta luego” to Instagram because, in my mind at least, the two have merged.  If I like a picture on Instagram then I have to go to Facebook and like it also, and vice a versa especially if the pictures are of my nieces.

Interestingly enough it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be; I used to think I was addicted to Facebook, but I somehow managed to pull through.  I didn’t turn into a crack addict needing their crack or anything like that but it was actually kind of nice to be disconnected for awhile.  I think I knew it was fine because evidently I would be able to log back in; however I did notice a feeling of disconnect from other people’s updates about their children.  When I logged back on I found out that one of my friend’s son had tubes placed in his ears and had his tonsils taken out and I had no idea and so going back and commenting on it days later makes it seem like I don’t care when I do.  That was the only thing that bothered me.

According to my professor, I cheated because Facebook sent me an email telling me what I was missing.  It wasn’t detailed to the point it gave me every single thing, but I guess it was enough to ‘corrupt’ my integrity.  Well that just burned my biscuits because I wasn’t even thinking of the email notifications set up on Facebook because I did them so long ago and it shouldn’t be my fault that Facebook decided to send me an email because I completely logged out of everything and they wanted to tease me back in.

In an article written by Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu in January of this year, he stated that women in their mid 30s to 40s experience Facebook envy after looking at postings or pictures that are related to happy families and physical attractiveness.  I found this to be particularly enlightening considering that I am 32 years old and well I’m not extremely jealous, I do feel a sense of longing when looking at their happy family pictures or baby pictures of their children.

The only reason I got a Facebook in the first place was because my cousin was only going to put her wedding pictures on there and I wanted to be able to see them.  I took one of those silly quizzes that tell you how “addicted” you are to Facebook and I was only at 58%.  More than half, I guess it that is bad enough.  But I’m glad to know that if my life depended on it, I could give up Facebook for awhile especially now that I know to navigate Twitter better.  So now I have a question for you, how addicted are you??

Are you a Facebook Addict?fb 58

Addicted to Facebook: Study shows users are lonelier