The real reason for Target’s name

Who would of known Target, one of the most popular stores in the U.S right now, has a meaning for their name. Target has a somewhat creepy marketing strategy to “target” their customers before other places try to lore them in. I found it very amusing how they target pregnant customers and try to guess if they are in their early stages of pregnancy like who does that? Whelp Target does thats who! And although it is very awkward and scary it is very smart to be honest. Their method to their madness is that they don’t want their customers to shop their for just one thing but for everything they need and honestly it works. I am a loyal customer at Target, they have everything you need from clothes to groceries and cooking supplies. Plus they give discounts when using your credit card which is a great saving. 

Although this is very smart but to a certain extent a little crazy, noisy and no privacy. I mean I don’t want them to know everything about me! No wonder I’m always getting paper ads that advertise cooking utensils and college stuff because that is what I spend most of my money on their. This shows you that we really don’t have any privacy! Who would of thought that stores do things like this just to get customers, learning all your personal information that is so extra.